Singer Sara Evans Top Songs and Music Videos

Since the late 1990s, she has made an impact with her upbeat ballads and sensational lyrics, because she wasn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve regarding divorce, a subject she is familiar with. Check out these selections of the greatest hits of one of this century’s brightest stars, who released albums such as Stronger (2011) and Words (2017), which seem just a jumping off point for a growing catalog.


Get ready to ride an emotional roller coaster with this top of music videos and songs, from the sweeter ones to those dealing with raw topics, and throughout them all, you’ll surely get to know better a fantastic singer and entertainer. Sara Evans has risen with her vocal talent and song choices, and from her pursuit of being a star to her public divorce, she has remained focused on career, as she was singing in her family’s since she was five.


There’s something about her old school songs that turns them into classic hits, and the true country artist has sung the musical praises of music legends, but you can understand why only when you listen to her top hits. After moving to Tennessee she parted ways with Nashville after twenty years, but she did some great songs, so here are some of the best of Sara Evans.


  1. Born to Fly

Any song known by heart deserves to headline this top, and the amped-up tune inspires listeners to live life to its fullest, pointing them to other songs as well. Evans’ video has a unique concept that appeals to many country fans. As a child becomes an adult he usually wants to fly away his small town, and this song fits the story with a great tempo, written by Marcus Hummon, while the lyrics make analogies to a bird flying to its destination. It features Dorothy, but Evans is a sexier version, sporting her infamous pigtails and showing off her toned abs, with several elements similar to the movie, such as a wicked witch and even a cute Toto. The opening lyrics of Evans’ biggest song are making fans scream, and the accompanying video makes fans spread their wings.


  1. A Little Bit Stronger

Written by Luke Laird, Hillary Scott and Hillary Lindsey, the song was featured in Country Strong. The first single, this song empowers you to pick up the pieces: “I know my heart will never be the same”. Evans recorded this song in 2011 and it reflects on a break-up and how to improve in healing, and you can feel the pain created by the memories: “Stupid song made me think of you”.


  1. Suds in the Bucket

Gossip is all about a young woman who’d ran off with her boyfriend, off the same album that brought us “Need to Be Next to You”.


  1. You’ll Always Be My Baby

She connects the love for her father in a song written by Tony Martin and featured on “Real Fine Place”, looking at the woman as a young adult.

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