Sara Evans Biography and Life Story: Songwriter and Singer

The American songwriter was born in Missouri and released Three Chords and the Truth and more hits such as “Born to Fly”. Sara Evans is a traditional singer with several no. 1 hits and platinum albums, and music has been a big part of her life since age 8, when she broke her legs and kept singing for her hospital bills. She’s had five no. 1 singles and won the Academy of Country Music’s Top Female Vocalist Award, so it’s tough to imagine accomplishments she hasn’t checked off her list, yet, with the release of Words she demonstrates that she’s willing to take greater control of her calling the shots in country music, which is unusual for the genre.


The country singer Sara Lynn Evans was born on February 5 in New Franklin and was the oldest of seven children, playing in the family band after an accident left her with broken legs. Sara led a life on a farm, and her large family formed a band, but the tragedy struck and led to her determination, as she was forced to sit on a wheelchair. She performed in a nightclub for two years, before she moved to Nashville because she wanted to become a singer, and year later, moved to Oregon.


When she was 20, wanting to become a bigger musician, she met Craig Schelske whom she married, spending a little time in Oregon, before going back in Nashville. She continued to perform within a group, but eventually returned to Nashville where she impressed Howard who recommended her to RCA and connected her with Pete Anderson, earning thus a special honor by being picked to open a show. Someone was so impressed that he decided to help her, and it paid off when she signed her first album, which was called Three Chords and the Truth, liked for being traditional.

A female traditionalist, Sara Evans gained her contract after her rendition of “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail” which impressed Harlan Howard. None of the singles made the top so in 1998, she released No Place That Far, with more of a pop-country sound with a single (a duet with Vince Gill) which became a hit and earned her album a gold certification. Her debut album was released under the label, but it wasn’t until her second one that she gained popularity, as the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40, which is why she released a third album in 2000, which achieved a greater success thanks to its title track, becoming Evans’ first album to receive a Platinum rating.


Her big breakthrough was Born to Fly a big hit as the album peaked, going double-platinum, and Evans returned with Restless, and the chart-topper helped it become her highest-charting. The compilation Greatest Hits included new recordings, and Evans returned to the arena with Stronger, released six years after Real Fine Place, and the single “A Little Bit Stronger”, which convinced her to reenter the studio in with producer Mark Bright.

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